Bertrand MICHEL - Students

PhD Students

  • Baptiste Gregorutti (2012-2015).
    Random forests and variable selection : analysis of the flight data recorders for aviation safety.
    Co-adv: Gérard Biau and Philippe Saint-Pierre.
    Baptiste is now Head of Research & Development at Safety Line company.

  • Nazih Benoumechiara (2015-2019).
    Sensitivity analysis of stochastic dependencies between random variables on a model output.
    Co-adv: Gérard Biau and Philippe Saint-Pierre.
    Nazih is now quantitative researcher, Qube Research and Technologies.

  • Emmanuel Caron (2016-2019)
    Behavior of empirical processes for stationary processes, application to non-parametric statistics.
    Co-adv: Jérôme Dedecker.
    Emmanuel is now Assistant Professor at Avignon University.

  • Bertrand Beaufils (2017-2020).
    Topological Data Analysis and Statistical Learning for measuring pedestrian activities from sensor data.
    Co-adv: Frédéric Chazal.
    Bertrand is now Chief Data Scientist & AI Product Manager, Sense4Data.

  • Alexandre Guérin (2021-).
    Mathematical methods for the reconstruction and analysis of wrist movements from inertial data. Applications for monitoring patients with neuromuscular diseases.
    Co-adv: Frédéric Chazal.

Post doc students