Bertrand MICHEL - Publications and Softwares


  • An introduction to Topological Data Analysis: fundamental and practical aspects for data scientists, with F. Chazal. Preprint

  • Estimating the Reach of a Manifold, with E. Aamari, J. Kim, F. Chazal, A. Rinaldo and L. Wasserman. Preprint

  • Detecting and modeling worst-case dependence structures between random inputs of computational reliability models. Nazih Benoumechiara, Bertrand Michel, Philippe Saint-Pierre, Nicolas Bousquet. Preprint


  • Statistical analysis and parameter selection for Mapper, with M. Carrière and S. Oudot. To appear in JMLR Preprint

  • Stride detection for pedestrian trajectory reconstruction: a machine learning approach based on geometric patterns, with B. Beaufils, F. Chazal and M. Grelet. To appear in Proc. of the Eighth International Conference on Indoor Positioning and Indoor Navigation 2017 (IPIN 2017).

  • Data driven estimation of Laplace-Beltrami operator. F. Chazal, I. Giulini, B. Michel. The Thirtieth Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS 2016). Preprint

  • Rates of convergence for robust geometric inference, with F. Chazal and P. Massart. Electron. J. Statist, Volume 10, 2243-2286.

  • Grouped variable importance with random forests and application to multivariate functional data analysis, with B. Gregorutti and P. Saint-Pierre Accepted for pubication in CSDA

  • Improved rates for Wasserstein deconvolution with ordinary smooth error in dimension one, with J. Dedecker and A. Fischer Accepted for publication in EJS.

  • Minimax rates of convergence for Wasserstein deconvolution with supersmooth errors in any dimension, with J. Dedecker. Accepted for publication in JMVA.

  • Adaptive density estimation using finite Gaussian mixtures, with C. Maugis.
    ESAIM P&S 2013, Volume 17, pp 698 - 724.

  • Data-driven penalty calibration : A case study for Gaussian model selection, with C. Maugis.
    ESAIM P&S 2011, Vol 15, p.320-339, Preprint

  • A non asymptotic penalized criterion for Gaussian mixture model selection, with C. Maugis. ESAIM P&S] 2011, Vol 15, p.41-68.


Thesis and Habilitation thesis

  • Habilitation thesis : A Statistical Approach to Topological Data Analysis Manuscrit.

  • Thesis : Modélisation de la production d'hydrocarbures dans un bassin pétrolier, 2008, Université Paris Sud Orsay : Manuscript.